We’ve compiled a list of all the best student societies in London so keep an eye out for something you like the sound of! Joining a society at university will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. They provide a much needed escape from the chaos of academia, allowing you to fully enjoy the social potential of university. That’s not all either; you’ll find likeminded students who enjoy the same things you do and get opportunities to connect with one another through frequent events and activities.

The greatest thing about London is the massive variety of societies at your disposal, you’ll find all sorts of different clubs ranging from old reliable ones such as dance or football to more modern, eclectic additions such as the mythical hummus society.


The best student societies in london!

If you’re lucky enough to have a boxing club on campus please consider joining up! Learn self-defence in a safe environment and get fit, blow off some exam stress on the heavy bag(or your poor friends). Boxing societies have been emerging as a quiet favourite among uni students and it’s easy to see why! Here is a list of the London universities with boxing societies.


Are you a footie fan? Well you’re in luck. Football has long since been one of the most reliable student societies in London and the rest of the UK. Because of this there’s so much to do, watch, play and discuss everything football.


Cheerleading clubs are one of the quickest growing student societies in London! You’ll get to practise awe-inspiring tricks and maybe even perform at competitions.

Anime Society

Every London university is guaranteed to have anime student society. Like Naruto or My Hero Academia? Then you’ll fit right in. Having loads of things to discuss will make socialising all that much easier. Check out this article if you want more ways on how to make friends outside of student halls!

Dance Club

Next up, we have dance club.If you can catch a vibe you’ll find your tribe. Dance club has been a staple of student societies for decades and the epitome of extra-curricular enjoyment. If you like music and like to move then dance club might just be for you.

African and Caribbean Societies

The African and Caribbean societies has been powering on since forever and has no plans of stopping anytime soon! Embrace afro-Caribbean tradition by engaging in a variety of events and activities. ACS is all-inclusive, promoting cultural unity and awareness!

 Honourable mentions

We’ve listed the best student societies in London but here are some niche societies you may never have heard of before…

Beer pong society

This seems pretty self-explanatory. Clearly this society is centred on having a good time. Every day’s a party with beer pong!

You don’t have to miss out on the fun if you don’t drink either, replace the alcohol with your drink of choice and take aim.

The best student societies in london!
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Hummus Society

Ah the famous hummus society, where hummus admirers from all over campus congregate. We know it’s been featured before but it’s simply too great to miss our list! You can read more about this club here!

The best student societies in london!
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Student societies are fun and allow you to enjoy uni in ways you probably wouldn’t have thought of. Take the time to pick a society that you think you’ll enjoy and check it out! Remember you aren’t restricted to your choices either so experiment and see what you enjoy. The initial appeal of societies lies in their promise of meeting new friends but don’t be surprised if you eventually find yourself in a community. Take our advice and sign up to a society and witness the magic for yourself! For more reading, check out our list of the weirdest university societies in the UK.