Manchester has a load of places for the best happy hours! But while it has the staple chains and big names to enjoy a drink at, the king of the north has some great hidden gems for you to celebrate in. To help you find these needles in the haystack, we’ve put together this list of the 7 best hidden bars in Manchester.



Credit: gillyt73 / Instagram
Where: 2 Half Moon Street, Manchester, M2 7PB

Corbieres has long been known for its friendly vibe and fantastic drinks selection. Hidden away down Half Moon Street, the cosy bar is twee in its tone, with big barrels and a Hobbit-esque feel to the roof. Perfect for a warm hideaway from the winter weather, with a cold pint.

The WashHouse


Credit: WashHouse/Facebook
Where: Shudehill, Manchester

With its gimmick of purporting to be a laundry service, you can ‘book items’ at the WashHouse to be greeted with an incredible selection of cocktails to feast your senses on. The gimmick is also a huge part of the fun, meaning you can feel clean while you down your drink — even though no actual washing goes on here.

Dusk Til Pawn


Credit: Dusk Til Pawn/Instagram
Where: Stevenson Square, M1 1FB

This uber-cool and uber-retro bar has the exterior of a pawn shop, featuring guitars, TVs and other oddities as part of its disguise. Once you’re inside, however, you’ll be treated to a lovingly-crafted Prohibition-era vibe with some seriously fancy cocktails. The bar staff are also a dab hand at trying to conjure up any drink you can name, so try and go in with some creative new flavours to try out.

Cane and Grain


Credit: Cane and Grain/Facebook
Where: 49-51 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1NA

Cane and Grain is a pretty massive operation, taking up three expansive floors on 49-51 Thomas Street. The New York-themed establishment serves a mouth-watering mix of food and drink like rum, bourbon, ribs and beer, along with, of course, some fantastic cocktails. Escape the north of England into the city that never sleeps, at least for an evening.

17 Below


Credit: 17 Below/Facebook
Where: 17 Bow Lane (just off Cross Street), M2 4JN

17 Below features a hugely entertaining combo of arcade games, pool and exceptional cocktails to while away an evening on games of your choice. With its pumping 1980s music and glow of the arcade screens, 17 Below is a great retro choice for anyone who wants to travel back in time for an evening.

The Temple


Credit: Mark Brown/Facebook
Where: 100 Great Bridgewater Street, M1 5JW

The Temple might seem like an odd name for a bar which was built in a renovated public toilet, but you won’t be able to deny the charm this little bar holds once you step into its pleasantly cosy interior.

The Bunker


Credit: Black Dog Ballroom/Facebook
Where: Basement Affleck’s Palace, Church Street, M4 1PW

Nestled within the famous Black Dog Ballroom, The Bunker is a live music venue with the opportunity to have a good ol’ boogie within its subterranean depth. Not only is it a fantastic nightclub, it also boasts a ping pong table and some great drinks deals, so you can blow off some steam with some drunken table tennis.