Nights out are part of student life but sometimes it’s hard to know where to go and where is good. And Manchester is famous for nightlife – among other things, so it’s the perfect place to be a student. From the casual to the eventful, there are so many clubs to hit in Manchester. There is always an event or theme, or student night, so there is always something new to try. We’ve listed the best nightclubs in Manchester you need to go to while a student here, so start planning your night out now.

Top 20 Manchester nightclubs for students

These are actually in no particular order, because clubs in Manchester are all pretty great to be honest and generally Manchester nightlife is awesome. But this list does cover a wide variety of all the best nightclubs in Manchester so depending on your vibe and music taste, you’ll no doubt prefer some clubs over others.

1. Warehouse Project

Warehouse Project nightclubs in Manchester
Source: Warehouse Project Manchester

The Warehouse Project is the ultimate go-to of nightclubs in Manchester for any uni student looking for an epic night out. It takes place in a massive, old warehouse with industrial vibes, which draws in lots of students and young people, all there for the love of music and a great time. The line-up is always sick – we’re talking big names in the electronic and house music scene. When the bass drops, the whole place just erupts. Plus, there’s always a great light show (this should maybe come with a warning).

It’s probably one of the most famous nightclubs in Manchester, so going to the Warehouse Project at least once as a student feels like a rite of passage. Trust me, you haven’t lived the uni life until you’ve experienced WHP.

Address: Mayfield Train Station, The Depot, Manchester M1 2QF

2. Cargo

best clubs in Manchester
Source: Cargo Manchester

Located in Printworks, Cargo is the place to go for live music and cocktails. Cargo has big ambitions wanting to become the front of Manchester’s nightlife. There are events every week, from themed nights to discounted drinks. Free entry 7 days a week, and with delicious cocktails, there’s no wonder they are one of the best clubs in Manchester.

Address: Unit 5-6, The Printworks, Manchester M4 2BS

3. 42s Manchester

42s nightclub in Manchester
Source: 42nd Street Nightclub Manchester Facebook

Playing indie classics every night, Oasis, The Stone Roses and Artic Monkeys, 42s is known for doing things a little alternatively. Every week they have events, like Blowouts on Tuesday, where you can get shots from £1. Entry is only £3 for the events, if you’re looking for something a little more alternative, with classic rock and indie, and cheap drinks, this is the club to go to.

Address: 2 Bootle St, Manchester M2 5GU

4. The Venue


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Known for their events, such as the Abba disco and Swift vs Styles, the Venue is open on Fridays and Saturdays, where they play the latest and greatest indie. They have so many different events from pop nights to Indie Bingo Nights where you can win actual money. There are so many events that there’s no reason not to go! It’s also not a pretentious place, so there’s no dress code. Plus there’s cheap drink deals too, making it one of the best clubs in Manchester for students to go to.

Address: 29 Jackson’s Row, Manchester M2 5WD

5. Mint Lounge


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As one of the Northern Quater’s only nightclubs, this nightclub is host to some of the coolest club nights and live music events in Manchester. They are also hosts to one of Manchester longest running club nights Funkademia, a journey through the history of soul funk. Northern Quater is one of the best places for a fun night and Mint Lounge will be the best thing to end the night.

6. Satan’s Hollow

Satan's Hollow Manchester
Source: Satan’s Hollow Facebook

Satan’s Hollow is Manchester’s only student nightclub purely dedicated to rock. Playing slipknot, Linkin Park and other rock bands, if you love something a little more hardcore, Satan’s Hollow has it all covered. They host events every week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, and with entrance tickets from £3 or even free! Like lots of other nightclubs in Manchester, you don’t have to dress up to go – but of course you can if you want.

Address: 101 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD

7. K2 Karaoke Manchester

The Best Clubs in Manchester
Source: K2 Karaoke

Looking for a nightclub with a twist? K2 Karaoke has private karaoke rooms as well as a full nightclub, so you can sing your heart out then dance away! The karaoke rooms are £10 per person, which is a great price as these rooms are beautiful and funky. K2 Karaoke is the perfect club in Manchester for a big group or a few close friends.

Address: 52-56 George St, Manchester M1 4HF

8. Ark Manchester

Ark Deansgate Locks Manchester nightclub
Source: Ark Deansgate Locks Manchester Facebook

Ark is one of Manchester’s prime spots for students. With events for free or drinks from £2, this is an amazing Manchester club that doesn’t break the bank. PLAY is a student night where drinks are cheap, shots are only £1.50 and a double spirit mix for only £7! With the music ranging from Dancehall to hip-hop, the place has a strong vibe and is so fun. Great music with cheap drinks, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best clubs in Manchester.

Address: 3A, 5 Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5LH

9. FAC251

FAC251 exterior Manchester nightlife
Source: Factory Records

Love a student discount? FAC251 has you covered, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at FAC251 have student discount deals for drinks! Not to mention, they have 3 rooms all playing different music, ranging from Hip-hop to Indie, so you can go to one or all types of music. Being on Princess Street, it’s close to the universities and makes it a lot safer when walking home, and make sure to check out our top tips for staying safe on a night out.

Address: 112-118 Princess St, Manchester M1 7EN

10. Revolucion de Cuba Manchester

Revolucion de Cuba is a Latin-inspired nightclub chain, which makes you feel tropical as soon as you walk through the door! With cocktails starting at £8.75, these tasty Latin drinks will get you in the spirit to get up on the dancefloor. Feeling tropical? Revolucion de Cuba is like taking a holiday without needing to leave Manchester. Plus they usually host weekly salsa lessons (sometimes free) that you can do to practice your moves.

11. Gorilla

best nightclubs in Manchester
Source: Gorilla Facebook

A live music venue, bar, kitchen, and nightclub all in one – Gorilla has a lot to offer and is good because it caters to big groups of friends who can’t decide if they want to go out for food, to a gig or dancing. It’s located under the railway arches and has a cool, industrial edginess to it. It’s super chill during the day (perfect for nursing that hangover with a killer brunch) and absolutely electric at night. Whether it’s an indie band or a DJ spinning tracks, Gorilla’s one of the Manchester nightclubs where anything goes.

Address: 54-56 Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5WW

12. Hidden

Hidden Manchester clubsmanchester nightout nightlife
source: Hidden Manchester Facebook

Another Manchester club, another cool industrial place to dance. Hidden, like the Warehouse Project, Gorilla and other nightclubs in Manchester has that whole urban, trendy feel that gives off Berlin vibes. As the name suggests, Hidden is a bit…hidden, tucked away on an industrial estate slightly outside the city centre and making it seem like you’ve found a secret rave. There’s multiple rooms with different vibes, where you can find techno or more chilled out music.

Address: 16-18 Mary St, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M3 1NH

13. Deaf Institute

The Deaf Institute - clubs in Manchester
Source: The Deaf Institute Facebook

This place is an institution, literally. It’s got a quirky, retro feel with a cool, vintage decor that makes it stand out. They hosts a great mix of live bands and student club nights that cater to all tastes. You’ll find everything from 80’s nights to 2000s nights to 90s grunge and emo nights. It’s the kind of place where you can catch an up-and-coming band one night and dance to Nirvana hits the next. The vibe is always friendly, making it a great spot to mingle with other music lovers. It’s located right near unis too so ideal if you live close to campus.

Address: 135 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HE

14. YES Manchester

YES Manchester nightclub
Source: YES Manchester Facebook

One of our fave Manchester nightclubs; YES is a multi-floor venue with a rooftop terrace (hello, Instagram!) and a pizza parlour (because, let’s face it, pizza is life) that opened in 2018. Each floor has its own vibe, from chilled acoustic sets to DJs that keep the party going till the wee hours. It’s the perfect place to start the night with some laid-back vibes and end it with a bang on the dance floor.

Address: 38 Charles St, Manchester M1 7DB

15. Albert Hall

Albert Hall Manchester nightlife
Source: Albert Hall

This former chapel turned Manchester nightclub is nothing short of beautiful, with its stunning architecture and stained glass windows. But don’t let its grandeur fool you – the place knows how to throw down some serious club nights. From electronic to indie, the music here is diverse. It’s the kind of place where you can dance in awe of your surroundings and just soak in the atmosphere. Unless you’re drunk and can’t see past a metre or two.

Albert Hall is also the home of Bongo’s Bingo, which is undeniably one of the best bingo nights in the UK. It also gets some pretty good bands playing there too, like Echo and the Bunnymen, Pixies, Feeder, Barenaked Ladies, Griff, and more.

Address: 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

16. Rebellion Manchester

Rebellion Manchester nights out
Source: Rebellion Manchester

If you’re all about that rock and metal life, Rebellion is your sanctuary. With its gritty, underground feel, it’s the perfect backdrop for a great Manchester night out. The crowd here are all about music and just having a good time. They also operate as a live music venue, showing lots of great acts from heavy metal and rock genres. But their also a club, with some of the most random club nights. There’s usually a theme or an afterparty or special DJ playing, so make sure you check their club night calendar to see what you’ll be dancing to.

Address: 2B Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WZ

17. Revolution Manchester

Revolution Deansgate Locks
Source: Revolution Deansgate Locks

If you’re a student in Manchester you’ll no doubt of been to, or at least heard of, Revolution. It’s a chain of bars across the UK that turn into nightclubs after hours. They’re also famous for cheap drink deals, food and cocktails, so you can get there for happy hour, relax and then stay for some dancing later. Revolution bars are pretty stylish, but they’re not overly pretentious or stuck up so sort of offer a mid-way point if you want to go out. There are three Manchester Revolution bar-clubs in the centre, in Deansgate, Oxford Road and Parsonage Gardens, which are all top Manchester nightclubs.

Address: Multiple locations

18. Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks Facebook Manchester nightclubs
Source: Joshua Brooks Facebook

Joshua Brooks is a pub by day and club or live music venue by night. It’s been part of Manchester nightlife for over a quarter of a century, so it’s older than most of students too! The venue does really good food and drinks, with lots of discounts and deals a nice little beer garden on the side to enjoy them on. Then at night you can head downstairs to the basement where the dancing takes place. They host different kinds of club nights, with DJs and live music. Overall, Joshua Brooks is a popular student Manchester nightclub, but the crowd typically reflects the club night/artists set to perform that night.

Address: 106 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG

19. The Thirsty Scholar

Thirsty Scholar Manchester night out
Source: Thirsty Scholar Facebook

Located under the arches near Oxford Road railway bridge, The Thirsty Scholar is a pub and nightclub in Manchester that pis perfect if you want vegan food followed by dancing. The club nights are quite different, and it can be anything from blues and jazz nights to heavy metal. It’s location means that there are a lot of students that go here, but like with Joshua Brooks, it really depends on the club night that’s on.

Address: 50 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP

20. Bijou Club

Bijou Club Manchester night out
Credit: @mrgosht, Bijou Club Facebook

One of the main features of Bijou Club is the riverside terrace, which everyone (of course) loves to document on Insta. It’s a totally different vibe to most of the other student Manchester nightclubs, which are a bit more…gritty. Bijou is the type that attracts celebs, where apparently the likes of Justin Bieber and Drake have been. It’s the place of celeb after parties, so if you manage to get into one of those – make sure you’re dressed to impress!

Address: 1-7 Chapel St, Manchester M3 7NJ

There you go, the best clubs in Manchester to ensure you have a great night out! But now you know the best clubs in Manchester but do you know any secret bars? Check our article on the best hidden and secret bars in Manchester.