Brunch, that magical meal that’s not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, has become a weekend ritual for us students. It’s our way to decompress after a week of deadlines and lectures, a time to catch up with friends, and let’s be honest, to cure the remnants of last night’s adventures. But when the hunger hits at around 10am, you need to know where to go for brunch in York and which are the best brunch spots for students in the city.

Whether you want something sweet and sugary, like pancakes or waffles, or a little but savoury and substantial, like a full English, smashed avocado or poached eggs, brunch in York is arguably the best time of day. There are so many places to choose from for York brunch too, with many that are doable on a student budget too. But here’s our list of the BEST brunch spots in York, each with a great menu to help you make it out of bed – no matter how late you stayed up studying (or partying!).

Where to go for brunch in York?

Here’s our list of the top places for a delicious brunch in York to get you coffee, breakfast, lunch and hangover fix all in one go.

1. Brew & Brownie

Brew and Brownie brunch spots in York
Source: Brew & Brownie

This café is a celebration of the changing seasons, reflected in its ever-evolving menu. Students are drawn to Brew & Brownie for its commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring each dish is fresh and full of flavour. The pancakes here are legendary, known for their fluffy texture and innovative toppings. If you happen to go on pancake day, you’ll be able to try one of their incredible limited edition flavours too. The ambiance is cosy and welcoming, making it an ideal brunch spot in York for students to relax and enjoy a leisurely brunch.

Address: 5 Museum St, York YO1 7DT

2. Partisan

Set in a beautifully restored Georgian building, Partisan offers a nice mix of art and cuisine. It’s a French independent coffee shop that serves up some of the best York brunch you can want. The café is renowned for its homemade cakes, which are as nice to look at as they are to eat. The brunch menu is equally impressive, featuring hearty dishes that are perfect for a post-study session. The artsy decor, with its eclectic mix of furniture and art, creates a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere.

Address: 112 Micklegate, York YO1 6JX

3. Robinsons Cafe

Robinsons Cafe York
Source: Robinsons Cafe York Facebook

Hidden in the bustling heart of York, Robinsons Cafe is a charming spot known for its emphasis on fresh, locally sourced produce. The café offers a range of delicious brunch options, from classic English breakfasts to more contemporary dishes. The friendly service and intimate setting make it a favorite among students looking for a quiet place to enjoy a meal.

Address: 7 Bishopthorpe Rd, York YO23 1NA

4. The Perky Peacock

The Perky Peacock York Facebook brunch spots in the city
Source: The Perky Peacock York Facebook

Occupying a medieval tower, The Perky Peacock offers a brunch experience steeped in history. The café is not only about its unique location; it’s also known for serving some of the best coffee in York. Their menu isn’t necessarily a ‘brunch menu’ but it includes classic items like smoked salmon bagels, BLT, sausage and bacon baps, etc. all enjoyed in a setting that overlooks the scenic river.

Address: Barker Tower, North St, York YO1 6BE

5. Bettys Café Tea Rooms

Bettys York Imperial Breakfast for brunch
Source: Bettys York Facebook

Bettys provides an elegant escape from the hustle and bustle of student life, and one that’s full of chocolate. Famous for its traditional afternoon tea, the café also offers a delightful brunch and breakfast menu served all day. You can get all the classics like eggs florentine and eggs Benedict, as well as a Vegan full English, muesli, and more. If you’re really hungry and get there before 11am, you can enjoy their Imperial Breakfast. This includes a range of dishes and snacks from their breakfast menu, which you can have with orange juice or mimosas. The old-world charm of the tea rooms, with their refined decor and attentive service, makes for a luxurious brunch place in York to treat yourself.

Address: 6-8 St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 8QP

6. Spring Espresso

Eggs Florentine at Spring Espresso
Source: Spring Espresso Facebook

A favourite among coffee lovers, Spring Espresso is known for its exceptional coffee. But we think it should also be known for brunch too as it has a pretty good selection to choose from. They have different types of porridge, their special ‘Spring’ breakfast, pancakes, eggs, French toast, and more. They have two locations in York, at Fossgate and Lendal, both serve amazing brunch and award-winning coffee to get your fuel for the day.

Addresses: 21 Lendal, York YO1 8AQ; 45 Fossgate, York YO1 9TF

7. Dyls

Dyls Brunch York
Source: Dyls Facebook

Situated in the iconic Skeldergate Bridge tower, Dyls is a modern café and bar offering a unique brunch setting. The menu features a variety of creative dishes, perfect for students looking for something a bit different. There are things like blueberry overnight oats, smokey ‘posh’ beans on toast (as well as a vegan ‘posh’ beans option),  and the local celebrity Haxby bread. The contemporary interior, combined with views of the river, makes for a great brunch experience in York.

Address: Skeldergate Bridge, York YO1 9WJ

8. Pig & Pastry


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This small, independent café is a testament to the power of homemade food. The Pig & Pastry’s warm and friendly atmosphere is a big draw for students, as are the delicious brunch options. There’s every kind of sandwich you could want, whether that’s on sourdough, involving pigs (their speciality) or breakfast-style butties. Specific brunch plates involve organic porridge, homemade granola and eggs and soliders (this is ideal if you’re homesick and craving brekkie like you had as a child). If you’re extra hungry, you can also choose from their range of PROPER breakfasts. The café’s commitment to creating dishes from scratch, using high-quality ingredients, is evident in every bite.

Address: 35 Bishopthorpe Rd, York YO23 1NA

9. The Blue Barbakan

The Blue Barbakan brunch in York
Source: The Blue Barbakan Facebook

This independent Polish restaurant is a treasure trove of hearty and flavourful dishes. As students, we’re always on the lookout for something that breaks the monotony of typical brunch fare, and The Blue Barbakan delivers just that. Its breakfast menu has all the classic brunch options, but you can also opt for those with a Polish twist, such as their Polish toast. All breakfast dishes also come with brioche.The setting is cosy and welcoming, making it a perfect spot for those chilly York mornings when you crave something to warm you up from the inside.

Address: 34 Fossgate, York YO1 9TA

10. Mannetti’s

Manetti's best brunch places in York
Source: Manetti’s Facebook

This charming Italian café is a slice of Italy right in the heart of York. For students like us, craving authentic Italian coffee and a sweet pastry or a savoury bite like paninis and pizzas, Mannetti’s hits the spot every time. Their brunch menu has typical brunchy dishes as well as more unique ones such as Herby Mushrooms and Chorizo Hash. If you make it on time for their breakfast menu, you can also sample their signature homemade banana bread! Mannetti’s is one of those places that just give off relaxing vibes, so it’s the perfect spot in York for brunch or any time of day really.

Address: 5 Lendal, York YO1 8AQ

11. Goji Vegetarian Cafe and Deli

Goji vegetarain brunch York
Source: Goji Cafe Facebook

For the vegetarians and vegans among us, Goji is nothing short of a sanctuary for brunch in York. But to be fair, you really don’t have to be veggie to enjoy food here. It’s that good. The variety of healthy and scrumptious brunch dishes here is enough to satisfy any brunch-hungry bellies. It’s a place where you can indulge in a guilt-free brunch that’s as kind to your body as it is to the planet.

Their lunch and brunch menus are kind of fused together, where you can pick things like tofu hot dogs, all day vegan brunch, vegan mushroom burger and more. There’s a great range of soups and desserts too. It’s a great place to go if you feel hungry but don’t want all the grease and fat that comes with typical big breakfasts elsewhere.

Address: 36 Goodramgate, York YO1 7LF

12. Rise


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Probably one of the coolest places in York to have brunch, Rise is made for relaxing with mates and catching up. It’s not too pretentious that you have to rush and be out by a certain time, but it’s equally good enough you’ll want to Instagram all your food. They are also all about brunch, so it’s not surprise to make our list of best brunch spots in York. They’ve got breakfast rolls, smoothie bowls, egg dishes, sandwiches, banana bread and loads more. Plus, there’s lots of options for veggies and vegans too.

Address: 44 Fossgate, York YO1 9TF

13. The Ivy St. Helen’s Square

When we’re in the mood for something a bit more upscale, The Ivy is our top pick. With its luxurious setting and extensive menu, it’s perfect for celebrating special occasions or for those times when we want to splurge and treat ourselves. They tend to only offer brunch at the weekend from 11am – 4pm, but it’s a good one. There’s the typical brunch dishes as well as other meals, which are a little bit more like mains. Some examples include squid tempura, cheese soufflé, fish and chips and much more. It’s a sophisticated option for a York brunch, but you get your money’s worth with how tasty the food is.

Address: 2 St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 8QP

14. Double Dutch Pancake House

If you’re in the mood for pancakes for brunch then this is probably the best brunch spot in York you could go for. It’s the only pancake house in York, and has a million options of both savoury and sweet pancakes to choose from Dutch-style. Think bananas and Biscoff, or kinder egg and Nutella or Oreos, jammy dodgers and melted Biscoff. Or for savoury pancake options, there’s flavours like mushrooms, spinach, cheese and truffle oil, or chorizo, peppers and onions, or Dutch meat and cheese. OR, you can pick from their vegan and gluten-free menus too. It is literally like a pancake haven that you can’t not find something you love.

Given how good it is, it can get busy – especially on weekends. So we’d highly recommend getting there early to make sure you don’t get hangry waiting in line.

Address: 7 Church St, York YO1 8BG

Each of these brunch spots serve up some great food in York, perfect for students who need that filling meal to get through the day. After all – food is life. And food is definitely student life. As is coffee and anything to help keep you awake after many late nights.

If you’re looking for where to hang out in the evening, we’ve also found the best student bars in York too.