best hidden bars in Manchester

Behind Closed Doors is hidden away in the basement beneath Oldham Street. It’s easy to miss so keep your eyes piled for a tiny doorway that leads to Manchester’s best kept secret. 

To get in you’ll have to ring a buzzer. Once inside you’ll be lead down a staircase to a den of debauchery decorated with retro TVs, vintage chandeliers, mismatched mirrors and some pretty cool rugs. 

This venue has a reputation as a “sexy and downright sleazy throwback bar”. Prudes are warned not to open the cocktail menu which is illustrated with eye popping pictures – if this offends we would also advise holding yourself for the toilets until you get home. 

Ring in your drink orders or call another table through their retro dial phones situated on several booths. We recommend the Furry Cup cocktail, its simply delicious. 

91-95 Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1LW