Studying on the Cardiff campus of USW has its highs and lows, but at the end of the day a degree is a degree, no matter where you get it from.

Unifresher writer Molly Jay runs down the things you’ll hear one too many times if you’re part of this select few.

1. ‘Oh you go to USW? Did you not do A-levels then?’

Actually I did, I just chose to go to the university that specialises in BA degrees…

2. Being part of the only university who studies in Cardiff without a proper students’ union

We’re not jealous at all…

3. Having a sense of pride that regardless of the stigma, you’re part of the largest university in South Wales

And that’s pretty cool.

4. Not having a reading week regardless of if your course is a theory course or not

Oh that’s fine, I’ll just drown in the mountain of readings I have to do that other unis usually have a week to catch up with.

5. Not actually having all of your lectures in the very over-advertised Atrium but in the very old, slightly smelly Atlantic House

6. Having your halls situated a two-minute walk from campus

Yessss for rolling out of bed five minutes before your lecture!

7. If you do have your lectures in Atlantic House you know full well you won’t be eating all day

There is a distinct lack of canteens and the vending machines are almost always broken.

8. Having your university in the middle of a capital city and knowing there are so many influential places around you

Don’t miss out on Roath Lock studios in Cardiff Bay.

9. Getting used to the copious number of time you’ll spend at the start of each new semester finding the room

Bloody room changes.