University is a time in which people are considered to indulge in a number of behaviours. Alarmingly regular binge drinking, not getting out of bed before noon, frequent nights in the library and, of course, having quite a lot of sex. So we decided to see which unis are having the most sex! We used Student Beans‘ survey to rank 109 UK unis by average number of partners students have. The results are pretty interesting too, as obviously some universities where people are getting a little busier than at others. So here’s the true ‘university sex league’ and list of unis having the most sex, ranked by least to most sexually active. 

Least sexually active unis in the UK

least sexually active universities uk

These universities are at the lower end of our results, making them the least sexually active universities in the UK. Students attending these universities reportedly have the lowest number of average sexual partners. So take a look at the top 20 universities having the least sex below. 

109. Bath Spa University 2.57

bath spa university
Source: Bath Spa University

Bath Spa students might be safe if a nuke was detonated in the centre of their city, but they’re hardly setting the world on fire with their love life.

108. University of the West of Scotland 2.62

The University of the West of Scotland has won awards for being the higher education institution of the year. However, when it comes to universities that have the most sex, it’s hardly up there. It ranks 108th of the most sexually active universities, so there’s a bit of work to do to bring its sexy status up!

107. University of Bedfordshire 2.74

least sexually active unis - university of bedfordshire
Source: University of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire might have bagged a silver medal in the new TEF uni rankings, but it’s nowhere near the top of the pile here.

106. Teesside University 2.82

Despite attracting 21,000 students, Teesside University doesn’t appear to be attracting the 

105. Canterbury Christ Church University 2.83

CCC students aren’t doing too well on this list. But hey, not to worry. 

104. University of Leicester 2.89

Leicester is regarded as a good place to find work with all the hotspots. However, it might be that work is all that’s going on. The University of Leicester is in 104th place of the most sexually active universities, which actually makes it one of the least! 

103. University of Huddersfield 2.92

University of Huddersfield
Source: University of Huddersfield

Huddersfield might have some pretty famous alumni, but no current students will be making a name for themselves as a Casanova any time soon.

102. Middlesex University 3.00

Middlesex doesn’t deserve its name, falling below the middle of the table of sexiest universities. Not even just below middle, but way down the line in 102nd place out of 109! Maybe we should change the name to Nosex University.

101. University of Surrey 3.02

Surrey might have come 13th in the ranking of the best unis back in 2018, but they’re nowhere near the top ten here. In fact, they’re in the top 20 LEAST sexually active universities. 

100. University of Greenwich 3.06

Poor Greenwich students. Not only is their uni in the bottom ten for nightlife, they’re hardly bringing up the front of the rankings here.

99. Glasgow Caledonian University 3.07

Glasgow Caledonian University
Source: Glasgow Caledonian University

GCU students made it into the top ten for partying unis, but their socialising success seems to end pretty much there.

98. Open University 3.14

The Open University prides itself in being flexible, but that’s strictly when it comes to working patterns. Not any other positions you may be thinking of given the nature of this list. It falls in 98th position of our list of the universities having the most sex, so pretty far down.

97. University College Falmouth 3.21

Falmouth might have absolutely smashed it in the new TEF uni rankings, but they couldn’t repeat their gold medal success in this league table.

96. Royal Veterinary College 3.22

Despite amazingly coming 16th in the UK for partying, RVC students clearly aren’t really indulging in doggy style anywhere outside of their studies.

95. De Montfort University 3.22

De Montfort
Source: De Montfort University

DMU students are used to being ripped for being a poly, but it doesn’t sound like anyone will be accusing them of polyamory any time soon. However, it was one of the universities with the most attractive students, so we’re not sure what’s going on here guys?

94. University of Abertay Dundee 3.23

It’s been in the top 20 universities in the UK for teaching quality. Sadly, this doesn’t translate to great sexual quality. The University of Abertay Dundee doesn’t fare too well in this area – sorry guys!

93. Royal Holloway, University of London 3.28

82 per cent of RHUL students might have admitted to taking drugs, but they certainly aren’t quite as prolific in the sack.

92. University of Edinburgh 3.31

University of Edinburgh is universities with the least amount of sex
Source: The University of Edinburgh

The folks in the Scottish capital might enjoy indulging in the odd illegal substance quite a lot, but they don’t seem to be too keen on indulging in other kinds of natural highs…

91. London South Bank University 3.33

LSBU students didn’t exactly set the world on fire in hardest partying ranking, and they’re doing no better here, either. Sorry guys, you might have a great location but your uni sounds a bit… dull.

90. University of Nottingham 3.41

Nottingham has done very decently in the recently-published QS World University Rankings for 2018, but they have done pretty abysmally here. Which table would UoN students rather be higher in, we wonder?

Universities having…not so much sex

universities having the most sex

These universities aren’t doing so great either. Having marginally escaped the 20 least sexually active universities, these unis still need to up their game somewhat. This is just in the UK too, so imagine where they might rank among sexiest universities in the world…So here are the universities that fall in 51st – 89th place in the list of unis having the most sex.

89. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 3.47

QMU students are safely out of the blast zone should a horrific nuclear attack occur in the Scottish capital, but they’re also pretty much safely out of the bed zone with their ranking on this list.

88. London School of Economics and Political Science 3.55

LSE came in the top ten for 2018’s top universities, but they are lightyears away from doing that well here. We guess time in the library must take precedence over time in the sack!

87. Durham University 3.60

durham university
Source: Durham University

Ah, Durham. Renowned for housing Oxbridge rejects and being, well, a bit boring, they still managed to scrape a decent ranking in our top 25 hardest partying unis table. Nonetheless, they can only manage a measly 87th here. Sorry guys, but we’re not exactly surprised.

86. University of Lincoln 3.61

Poor Lincoln students — they’d be absolutely screwed should North Korea launch an attack nearby, and they’re not even getting much sex now to cheer them up. Sad times.

85. University of East Anglia 3.65

People might rip UEA for being easy to get into, but it doesn’t seem like that holds true of its students’ bedrooms…

84. Anglia Ruskin University 3.69

Anglia Ruskin performed somewhat dreadfully in our ranking of the 25 best unis for nightlife, and it’s also done fairly poorly here in terms of everyone’s favourite post-nightlife activity. Oh dear.

83. University of Bradford 3.70

University of Bradford
Source: University of Bradford

Bradford would be pretty screwed if Kim Jong Un ever decided to pull the trigger, but it doesn’t seem like many of their students are getting screwed in many other ways.

82. Aston University 3.72

Aston University might have cracked the top 20 in our list of the top 100 unis for nightlife, but they are languishing in the low 80s here. You can’t have everything, eh?

81. University of Aberdeen 3.82

Aberdeen absolutely smashed it in our list of the top 25 hardest partying unis, but they’re really letting themselves down in their ranking here.

80. University of Hertfordshire 3.93

Hertfordshire students would, sadly, definitely be exposed to thermal radiation if Hatfield so happened to be targeted by Kim Jong Un, but it seems like that’s pretty much the only exposure most of them will be seeing…

79. University of Southampton 3.99


Good ol’ Southampton put in a very decent showing in the recent UK university rankings, but it seems like their academic success hasn’t translated too well to any… extracurricular activity. It’s one least booziest unis too, so maybe 

78. University of Sunderland 4.00

Sunderland students might be used to having a lot of their possessions taken, yet it appears that virginity is not, more often than not, taken anywhere near as frequently.

77. Lancaster University 4.00

Lancaster University students might be able to get their dopamine hit from the magic mushrooms populating their campus, but they certainly aren’t getting many of their pleausre chemicals from all that much craziness in bed.

76. University of Salford 4.05

Everyone seems to think students who go to Salford are pretty out there, let’s just say. But it doesn’t seem like their uniqueness translates to anything above an average sex drive, for what it’s worth.

75. University of Derby 4.06

University of Derby
Source: University of Derby

Derby students can expect some smashed property if Kim Jong Un ever decides to blast their city with a nuke, but it doesn’t sound like they’re having too much of a blast in the bedroom..

74. University of Exeter 4.07

Exeter snuck into the top 25 for the recently released 2018 UK university rankings, but they’re nowhere near those dizzying heights in this sex ranking. Sorry, guys.

73. University of Northampton 4.11

Would you believe it, Northampton came weirdly close in our list of the unis with the best nightlife to its ranking here. We guess they kind of go hand in hand.

72. Coventry University 4.11

Coventry surprised everyone with their ranking in the top 25 hardest partying unis but they’re firmly towards the bottom of the table this time around. At least they had one moment of glory.

71. Brunel University 4.20

Brunel University
Source: Brunel University London

Some people seem to get this university confused with the amazing engineer it gets its name from, but Brunel students don’t seem like they’re the most successful at engineering romantic situations. Don’t worry guys, practice makes perfect!

70. University for the Creative Arts 4.21

UCA isn’t too far from London, and as we know, the capital is absolutely packed with awesome events such as high-tech mini-golf bars and a prosecco festival. We think the students of UCA need to get themselves along and let their hair down…

69. University of Wolverhampton 4.27

Wolves students can rejoice about the fact their uni received a bronze rating in the new TEF rankings, but they’re not doing too well here. At least they got the funniest ranking on a sex-related list, eh?

68. Robert Gordon University 4.27

Robert Gordon students had a decent showing for their uni in our ranking of the top 100 unis for nightlife, but they’ve dropped a few places this time around. Too much partying and too little hanky panky?

67. University of Leeds 4.28

Leeds students not that sexually active

Leeds smashed it in the recently-released 2018 rankings for UK unis, but they couldn’t replicate their success in this list. For such a renowned party uni, this is a surprisingly low placing for the guys and gals from Yorkshire!

66. University of Stirling 4.30

Stirling students shocked us with their placement on our ranking of the most fashionable students. Their sharp dressing doesn’t seem to be impressing their fellow students, though, as they’re still really low down on this list. I guess dressing to impress doens’t always

65. University of Reading 4.33

Reading came in in the top 30 in our ranking of the top drug-taking unis, but

64. University of York 4.35

Source: University of York

After their very respectable showing in the UK unis ranking for 2018, it’s not too surprising that they don’t rank all too highly here. Probably too busy swotting up in the library.

63. Buckinghamshire New University 4.36

BNU was awarded with a bronze rating in the new TEF university rankings, but they don’t seem to have translated that success to the bedroom.

62. University of East London 4.47

University of East London students would be fine if Kim Jong Un dropped a nuke on the city, but would they really be the best people to be left alive to repopulate the planet?

61. University of Sussex 4.48

The University of Brighton vs The University of Sussex: Where should you study?
Source: Pexels

The nutters at Sussex ranked pretty damn highly in our ranking of the unis taking the most drugs. Unfortunately for them, their rebelliousness in sex, drugs and rock and roll only seems to have applied to the middle one of those three things.

60. Loughborough University 4.48

The popular perception of Loughborough students being desperate to ‘mate‘ doesn’t seem to have translated into all that much… ‘mating’ actually happening…

59. Newcastle University 4.59

Newcastle students already have a reputation for being some of the hardest partying in the UK, but they don’t seem to have a very good conversion ratio from going out to pulling based on their ranking here.

58. University of Worcester 4.60

This might not be the best ranking for Worcester students, but at least they’ve improved on their woeful placing on our league table of the top 100 unis for nightlife.

57. University of St Andrews 4.67

University of St Andrews
Source: St Andrews

St Andrews didn’t place too highly on our ranking of the top drug-taking unis, and they’re only about halfway through the rankings here. At least they’re amazing academically, eh?

56. Kingston University 4.69

Kingston students might not experience particularly great nightlife, but at least their conversion rate from a night out ranks slightly more highly than their nights out themselves do.

55. University of Sheffield 4.69

Sheffield got pretty near the top ten in the recently-released UK university rankings for 2018, but they’re firmly in the middle of the pack when it comes to sexual successes. Sorry Sheff.

54. University of Cambridge 4.70

cambridge - unis having the most sex.

Cambridge students might have helped their university to being the best in the UK, but when it comes to life between the sheets they’re nowhere near the best in the nation.

53. University of the West of England 4.77

UWE students can definitely be extremely pleased with their ranking in the top 40 drug-taking universities table, but they don’t seem to be able to translate their enthusiasm for narcotics into any kind of romance. Or even just romance-less sex.

52. York St John University 4.80

In an incredibly bizarre twist of fate, York St John University have come in at the exact same position here as they did in our ranking of the top 100 universities for nightlife. We guess they’re just bang in the middle of the pack for everything.

51. University of Liverpool 4.80

There’s loads of 2 for 1 cocktail deals in Liverpool, so it’s perhaps surprising that Liverpool students aren’t getting a bit more romantic. Although, here at Unifresher, we do tend to keep those 2 for 1s for ourselves.

Universities having a decent amount of sex

universities having the most sex

Finally we’re reaching the top 50 unis having the most amount of sex in the UK. You could say these unis are pretty sexually active, although they’re nothing like the top 20! Does your uni fall in this category of a happy medium?

50. University of Winchester 4.81

University of Winchester scooped up a very respectable rating in the new bronze, gold and silver university rankings, but they seem to have dropped the ball a bit when it comes to more extracurricular activities.

49. University of Westminster 4.82

With so many futuristic bars in London, it seems the Westminster students are getting a bit distracted from getting jiggy. Still though, good clean fun, innit?

48. University of Gloucestershire 4.84

University of Gloucestershire - unis having the most sex.
Source: University of Gloucestershire

Poor Gloucestershire students would be toast if Kim Jong Un decided to nuke their area. On the bright side, they’d have had 4.84 sexual partners on average before their death!!

47. Staffordshire University 4.87

For a uni so far down our ranking of the top 100 unis for nightlife, Staffordshire students don’t seem to do too awfully in pulling terms.

46. University of Glasgow 4.93

glasgow- unis having the most sex.
Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Glasgow absolutely smashed it in our ranking of the top 25 hardest partying unis, but they didn’t seem to fare too well in terms of smashing each other on nights out, coming a respectable but unspectacular 46th.

45. University of Kent 5.10

The University of Kent has the most sugar babies in the UK, so it’s actually quite surprising they’re so low down on this list of unis having the most sex. Maybe they’re all work and no play when it comes to making the beast with two backs?

44. University of Hull 5.10

Hull might be one of the booziest unis in the country but their Dutch courage hasn’t helped them crack even the top 40 here. Maybe some more pints are needed to get up the courage to make that final approach?

43. University of Manchester 5.13

Source: Unsplash

Manchester might be one of the very kinkiest unis in the UK, and that might be because their students have so few sexual partners they’re able to reveal their tastes in the bedroom to each other. Every cloud, eh?

42. Bournemouth University 5.13

Amazingly, Bournemouth smashed into the top ten of our ranking of the top 40 drug-taking unis, but they haven’t quite been able to replicate the dizzying heights of their placement on that list here. They’re close to the middle ground of unis having the most sex.

41. Cardiff University 5.15

Coyote Ugly Saloon is a great night out in Cardiff
Source: Coyote Ugly Saloon Cardiff

Cardiff students can be really proud of their ranking in the very wholesome top UK universities for 2018 but in this slightly more sordid sorting they haven’t even made it into the top 40. For shame.

40. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff 5.18

Did you know there’s a gin festival coming to Cardiff? We expect the beds of Cardiff students might just be a little more active straight after.

39. Goldsmiths, University of London 5.19

Goldsmiths came in toward the bottom end of our ranking of the top 100 unis for nightlife but they’ve done themselves (relatively) proud here, which makes for a nice change for the Londoners!

38. University of Birmingham 5.19

birmingham booziest uni uk

Birmingham students made a name for themselves with ranking well among the hardest partying unis, and yet they don’t seem to have been able to translate that into doing much after the party each night.

37. Bangor University 5.22

With their recent nomination for the university with the best accommodation, Bangor students must have pretty comfy beds, not that, according to their ranking here, they’re sharing them all that often. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t make a pun about banging here, but we’re tired so we’ll allow you to come up with your own and pretend we said it.

36. University of Portsmouth 5.23

For a uni where students are known to have sex in the library, Portsmouth doesn’t seem to have all that many people having sex in, y’know, beds, like normal people do.

35. Keele University 5.25

University of Keele
Source: University of Keele

Keele didn’t score very highly in our top 100 universities for partying, but they have sneaked into the top 35 here. Obviously they need to do something on those quiet nights.

34. Aberystwyth University 5.38

Aber students have a big reputation for partying, but now we know that they are also fairly liberal when it comes to all night-time activity.

33. Heriot-Watt University 5.39

There are some truly incredible date places in Edinburgh, which probably leads to all this hanky panky. It’s probably somewhat tame, somewhat sexy, where it’s hardly the most sexually active but still decent enough. It rests in 33rd place of unis having the most sex.

32. Liverpool John Moores University 5.44

Liverpool has some great places to score some 2 for 1 cocktail deals, and it’s probably this reason that so many John Moores students are hopping into bed with each other. Well, you need someone to share that deal with, right?

31. University of Bath 5.47

Bath students have a lot of sex
Photo by Zac Farmer on Unsplash

The stereotype of Bath students is that they are a load of rahs, but it seems they should be seen as a bunch of players… Play-rahs? They have done pretty well when it comes to unis having the most sex, but they’re not the most sexually active out there so calm down!

30. Queen’s University, Belfast 5.47

With Queen’s already in our top 30 universities for partying, we aren’t too surprised that they have replicated that feat here. Ranking in 30th place in unis having the most sex, the Belfast uni strikes again.

29. University College London 5.61

Outside the dynamic Oxbridge duo, UCL is the best university in the UK, and now one of the top 30 unis having the most sex. That’s a lot of pressure for the students and we don’t blame them for engaging in a bit of carnal activity. 

28. Edge Hill University 5.68

As well as tonnes of 2 for 1 cocktail joints, there are also loads of places to grab happy hours in Liverpool. With all that cheap booze floating around it’s no wonder so many Edge Hill students are getting some action.

27. Northumbria University 5.79

northumbria university
Source: Northumbria University

After being named in the top ten universities for partying, it’s unsurprising that Northumbria is so high in this list. Seems like Northumbria is a fun uni to go to.

26. Imperial College London 5.82

Did you know there’s going to be a prosecco festival coming to London soon? We should see Imperials 5.82 shoot right up around then.

25. University of Plymouth 5.87

It’s situated in one of the kinkiest cities in the UK, so it’s now wonder that the students of Plymouth are happy to partake in a bit of bed swapping.

24. University of Warwick 5.88

It’s one of the world’s best universities, so it’s unsurprising Warwick students need to indulge a bit of bed hopping to release some steam.

23. University of Oxford 5.89

oxford university

The Oxford lot must have been gutted when they were beaten by Cambridge in the world university rankings recently, but they have got their revenge here.

22. Leeds Beckett University 5.92

Leeds is one of the ultimate student cities in the UK and also (possibly related) one of the kinkiest. That’s probably why it’s listed 22nd in unis having the most sex.

21. University of Glamorgan 5.98

There’s a pretty amazing gin festival coming to Swansea and Cardiff soon — not too far from Glamorgan. Definitely something to get excited about.

The most sexually active universities in the UK

most sexually active universities

Now we have arrived at the most interesting part of the list. Here are the 20 UK unis having the most sex, and it’s actually quite surprising to see who made the list! 

20. King’s College London 6.00

They may go to one of the world’s best ranked universities, but King’s students aren’t afraid of letting off some steam in the bedroom.

19. Birmingham City University

Birmingham is a pretty kinky city (as we saw in our top kinkiest university cities) so BCU can be proud that they are the highest placed uni from the Second City.

18. University of Cumbria 6.18

University of Cumbria
Source: University of Cumbria

Despite just scraping on to our top 100 universities for nightlife, the Uni of Cumbria students are making up for it in other ways. You got to do something with your free time, right?

17. Roehampton University 6.30

While there’s no reason that lots of partying would lead to more sex, it is still a bit surprising that Roehampton — which scored poorly in our top 100 hardest partying universities — is so high here. Explanations in an email as to why you’re among the unis having the most sex please.

16. Sheffield Hallam University 6.38

Sheffield just about made it into our top five kinkiest university cities, but Hallam have just missed out on the top 15 here.

15. University of Strathclyde 6.46

Did you know nearly 90 per cent of Strathclyde students have admitted to trying drugs? With that sort of liberal attitude, it’s unsurprising they score so highly here.

14. Swansea University 6.55

Swansea has a lot of sex
Source: instagram @peppermintbarswansea

Swansea students – you’re giving other Welsh unis a run for their money when it comes to who is having the most sex! In 14th place on our list, you’re well and truly among the most sexually active universities.

13. Manchester Metropolitan University 6.65

Manchester was named the second most kinky city in the UK, but Manchester Met hasn’t even made it into the top ten here. What’s going on? Maybe they are pretty strait-laced in the sack?

12. Nottingham Trent University 6.69

nottingham trent campus
Source: Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham was named as one of the top ten kinkiest university cities in the UK, and it seems the Trent students are a bit naughty themselves. Not only are they one of the most kinkiest, but they’re also having more sex than other unis in the area! 

11. University of Dundee 6.74

Dundee students are apparently some of the most fashionable in the country. We don’t know if that has anything to do with scoring so highly here, but you do wonder…

10. University of Bristol 7.03

Bristol is definitely a liberal city, and that seems to have made its way to the bedrooms of Bristol students.

9. University of Central Lancashire 7.03

By coming in the top 40 drug-taking universities, we found out that UClan has fairly liberal students. This just confirms that.

8. Edinburgh Napier University 7.35

The beautiful capital of Scotland seems to have a very kinky underbelly. It’s a top ten finish of unis having the most sex for Napier who seem to be taking full advantage.

7. Oxford Brookes University 7.42

Oxford Brookes

When you’re constantly compared to the big brother down the road, it can probably get quite annoying. So perhaps it’s a welcome relief for Brookes students to be above Oxford Uni in a league table. This one’s probably not the best one, but it’s a start.

6. University of Essex 7.61

We’ve all seen The Only Way Is Essex, so we know there is a fair bit of bed swapping going on in the county. However, the Uni of Essex didn’t score highly in our top 100 universities for partying so it’s a surprise to see them so high here.

5. Queen Mary, University of London 7.93

There’s plenty of universities in London, so it’s pretty impressive that Queen Mary students are indulging in the most bedroom activity. The English capital was named the kinkiest city in the UK (possibly because of its sheer size) so it’s no surprise that students in the city are doing a bit of bed hopping.

4. Southampton Solent University 8.63

After Southampton was named as one of the kinkiest cities in the UK, it is not that surprising that Solent has scored so highly. It beat out the University of Southampton by far in our list of unis having the most sex.

3. Liverpool Hope University 9.57


Liverpool was named as one of the kinkiest cities in the UK, and the Hope students are definitely not afraid of taking advantage of that.

2. University of Chester 9.94

University of Chester
Source: University of Chester

Chester didn’t score highly at all in our top 100 universities for nightlife, but have come (incredibly) number two here. It sounds like Chester students are more interested in some Netflix and chill than a wild night of dancing.

1. University of Brighton 10.59

University of Brighton university having the most sex, most sexually active
Source: University of Brighton

Now at the top of our list of unis having the most sex is the University of Brighton! Brighton is undoubtedly one of the most liberal cities in the UK, and this attitude seems to have made its way into the bedrooms of the Uni of Brighton students. They were already named in the top 15 kinkiest uni cities and now take our top spot here.