Freshers may have been ruined, but you can still save your summer! In Coventry, there are plentiful student summer events that you can enjoy during this year’s city of culture. Whether it’s remotely or in person, there are events happening all summer open to students and the public. This is a great way to start planning your summer activities with friends and family. If you haven’t already gone back home, or you’re in Coventry for the day, check out the best student summer events happening in Coventry.

1. Virtual World Tour

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Source: Coventry University

For Coventry students, the Centre for Global Engagement (CGE) is hosting a series of virtual tours around the world. This would be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about different cultures, see how different countries implement sustainability, and you could even connect with other students around the world from the comfort of your home. It has already started but you don’t need to worry as this will be running until 31st August. The virtual world tour will give you access to live webinars, language tasters, virtual industry visits, and an opportunity to build your professional network. Attending these sessions is a great way for your to further enhance yourself all for free!

2. CVX Festival Youth Positive Foundation

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Source: Coventry University

Taking place 12th August to 15th August, the CVX Festival is curated by young people in Coventry. This arts activism festival focuses on the themes of community, unity, and social change. This festival aims to bring together artists to use their platform to act as role models and stand up for young people. A series of talks, workshops and performances will be held to discuss and investigate the issues of young people who face risk in Coventry, using the power of arts and culture to help shape their future.

3. Nanjing – Performing Forgiveness

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Source: Visit Coventry

As art of the Coventry Welcomes Festival for Coventry City of Culture 2021, the play by Jude Christian has been revisited. Nanjing – Performing Forgiveness examines identity, conflict, and displacement as a personal response to the Nanjing Massacre which occurred in 1937. The performances will be held in person at the Coventry Cathedral, with the 7 pm performance also being stream via zoom. You can attend these performances for free.

4. Coventry Degree Show 2021

Opening on the 18th June, this event showcases the work of final year students graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Design. Coventry students, parents, friends, and the public are all invited to the digital streaming of final students’ work. Prepared to be amazed by work ranging from fashion to graphic design, photography, interior architecture and many more. There will also be industry talks and opportunities to get in touch with the students about their work! You don’t want to miss the cohort of 2021!

5. Midsummer Fire Gardens

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Source: Coventry University

Everyone loves to see a little bit of fire from now and again. If you’re the type of person that enjoys the thrill of seeing an immersive fiery event, this is for you! Taking place 25th June at the Caludon Castle, this event forms part of the City of Culture Summer of Surprises series. The chosen location is thought to be the site of the first performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Therefore, Walk the Plank, and Emergency Exit Arts invites you to take part in this immersive performance, whether that be through standing, sitting or wandering. The Fire Garden consists of intricate carving making flaming flower boxes, and other natural forms of art that will be spewing fire. The event will also feature fire installations. The event is completely free, all you need to do is register!

A lot of the events, if not all, that are taking place in the summer are free, so it would be a shame not to attend at least a few of them. There are many more student summer events to attend in Coventry this summer, so why not head to the Coventry City of Culture website or check the Coventry University website for some more events you’d like to attend? From the ones on this list, which sparks your interest the most? Remember to stay safe when attending in person events and adhere to social distancing rules!