Here at Unifresher we have compiled a list of the must know businesses in London to get you through freshers and Uni life this year. 

They have all been hand picked from our research team to best aid you this year.

Check it out!

Crewsaders is a Kiwi-owned events company, specialising in event labour. The work will involve truck loading, heavy lifting, sweat, building epic stages and travelling around London. While the work is testing you’ll benefit from many perks, such as working at some of the biggest events, including at some of the UK’s best festivals and getting paid among the best rates for this role in the UK. You’ll meet people from all over the globe and form long-lasting friendships.

Do you have what it takes to work for Crewsaders? Are you looking for flexible work whilst studying and want to work for the best in the industry?

If the answer is yes then Crewsaders is for you. Apply below. #eventwork #notjustordinaryeventwork

Get your live comedy fix at Just The Tonic, probably one of the best nights you’ll experience in London. Laugh the night away whilst sipping on your drink of choice and enjoying the entertainment. 

They have live comedy every week – go check them out!

The Roxy is BACK, bringing the heat and the beats to the London streets…

The Roxy’s interior is inspired by downtown New York whilst the lighting echoes the sleek, effortless style of Tokyo nights.

Incorporating the historical punk venue of old with the popular, contemporary RnB scene and flashes of the Hacienda Rave culture, the Roxy provides a night to be reckoned with…

 The Roxy’s new and improved drinks menu is based around the deliriously, delicious daiquiri shaking things up Cuban style whilst keeping the classic and untouchably excellent cocktails close at hand. Simple, stylish and sumptuous with a wide selection of the finest spirits. 

 They are taking street food to the max and working with the divine East Street to provide the tastiest bar food to help keep you dancing as long as your feet will take you…

 One thing you can be sure of at The Roxy, other than a guaranteed great experience, is that there is something for everyone…They have worked hard to make sure of that.

Barber Barber have firmly established themselves among students in London. Not only do they have a Barbers in London, they also have one in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. 

They are well known for their clean cuts and close shaves, boasting impressive decor and a relaxed environment throughout their venues. 

Find the London unit at 65 Beak Street, Soho

Don’t wait until your unwell to register with your GP – Student Medical Services are taking new registrations and offer a array of services including travel advise, contraceptive services, sexual health, mental health and appointments. Check them out below.