Who doesn’t love a good coffee shop? Whether it’s a first date, hanging out with friends, or time to get some studying done in peace, coffee shops are a nigh-essential part of student life. With libraries limited and people cooped up inside, coffee shops provide a much-needed way to inject a temporary change of scene into our lives. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Newcastle for you to enjoy.

1. Café 1901

Cafe 1901
Source: Trip Advisor

Café 1901 is situated right in the hub of Jesmond and provides the place for an affordable and warm experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a substantive meal, or even just a coffee, Café 1901 is undoubtedly the best pick in the popular student area. Café 1901 strives to build a sense of community and welcoming, alongside a dynamic (and delicious) menu at reasonable prices.

2. Pedalling Squares

Pedalling Squares
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Voted as a top 5 cycling café by the Financial Times, Pedalling Squares can really do it all. The extremely unique setup contains a bar area alongside the café (in case studying becomes too tedious), and the food on offer is some of the best in the entire city. Pedalling Squares pushes all sorts of whacky dishes, coffees, and IPAs, but perhaps its most distinctive feature is all the cycling equipment for sale. If you fancy one of the best, most versatile, and frankly most bizarre café experiences the country has to offer, get on your bike.

3. CatPawCino Cat Café

best coffee shops in newcastle
Source: Chronicle Live

Do I really have to say it? It’s a cat café. You might want to forget this one if you have any hope of actually getting any work done, but you’re missing out if you don’t give it a visit. Located Quayside, CatPawCino is a whisker away from Newcastle Central Station and the surrounding student areas. Booking is recommended, as the friendly felines are obviously a hit, but it’s absolutely the money. The food is great too, and there’s even an area for those with allergies. Additionally, CatPawCino takes an active role in donating to animal welfare charities, so your money is helping to make a difference.

4. Mog on the Tyne Cat Café

best coffee shops in newcastle
Source: Mog on the Tyne

It would be wrong to give a shoutout to one cat café, without giving one to the other. Mog on the Tyne lays claim to the title of the original Newcastle cat café, but drama aside, the café is great. It boasts a more modern feel than that of CatPawCino, and their cat-themed menu and latte art is likely to be a hit for any animal lovers. Much like CatPawCino, Mog on the Tyne is heavily involved with animal welfare and charity work, so either (or both!) of these spots are a great place to get your feline fix.

5. Laneway and Co

best coffee shops in newcastle
Source: GetIntoNewcastle

Situated in the city centre, Laneway and Co is a sleek, modernised, and minimalist café that serves as a perfect chill spot to catch a bite. The artsy vibe and setting gives Laneway a different style to many of the other cafes on this list, combined with the power scent of exotic coffees hanging in the air. With their homemade cakes being absolutely to die for, and the coffee and hot chocolate being on point, this hidden gem is the perfect place to do some relaxing work.

6. Batch Coffee

best cofee shops in newcastle
Source: ILoveNewcastle

As the name suggests, Batch is home to a serious amount of delicious, freshly-baked pastries. The atmosphere is brilliant, the staff are extremely accommodating, and the menu is extremely vegan-friendly. Lodged between Jesmond and the university’s campus, Batch is the ideal place to catch a brew and a bun on your way home, with some incredibly creative ideas.

7. Fork in the Rose

best coffee shops in Newcastle
Source: Chronicle Live

My personal recommendation for the romantics, Fork in the Rose is a floral-themed treasure located in the heart of Heaton. The coffee is great, the food is better, and it’s all at a very reasonable price. The real kicker is that the café doubles as a flower shop (hint hint), so with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, their specials for the weekend in question are definitely worth checking out, with delivery available.

8. Hatch Coffee

best coffee shops in newcastle
Source: Hatch Coffee

Located in the centre of Newcastle, Hatch is a takeaway coffee shop which operates out of a former parking attendant’s cabin. Serving what some would consider to be the best coffee in Newcastle, Hatch is the go-to for those who just want the cream of the crop. At affordable prices, Hatch is well worth your time, and the local ingredients included in every cup ensures that your custom supports several local industries.