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Qemistry, the dating app all students need

Are you looking for someone to spend the new year with? Are you fed up of trying to figure out if someone’s good enough from a few edited photos?

You are not alone, and we’re here to help.  A new hero has arrived on the dating scene, and its name is Qemistry. Qemistry is a revolutionary dating app like nothing you’ve seen before—a true masterpiece. Imagine Tik Tok, Instagram stories, and Vine merged but better. Qemistry is precisely that. And it will be freely available to you in 2021. After their trial run this year being a huge success – you know that you’ll be in good match-making hands.

Based on the premise that you simply cannot judge a book by its cover (as fun as it is to scroll mindlessly through thousands of Chads and Ellies bragging that they’re ‘here for a good time, not a long time’), Qemistry lets users upload up to 5 playful videos to summarise and show themselves off. Whether it’s a video of you drunkenly singing Mr Brightside, followed by you and your adorable puppy, or a Tik Tok trend and a skateboard compilation video, you can upload these along with captions, in an attempt to impress someone enough for a first date. Then, just as with the apps we are used to, if you like their profile too, you can get to know each other.

But not only does Qemistry give you the chance to actually see people as more than Instagram filtered golden-hour shots, but they have also revolutionised the boring and ever-confusing dating biography. Nobody ever knows what to put in one of these; let’s be honest. Some people write enough to be a short essay, and others just have a bunch of seemingly nonsensical emojis (you know who you are). Well, on Qemistry, you don’t have to write one. You just fill out your profile, and then everything you want to put out there is done for you. Just tell the app your preferences in things like politics, fill in your height, drinking and smoking habits, and opinions on things like music, and people can see everything you fill out if they swipe up on your videos. But you also have complete control. As long as you have more than one video uploaded, you can fill out as much or as little as you’d like of the profile. So if you’d rather be a man of mystery, or if you’re just plain lazy, then that’s fine too.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you to go and install this love life wonder-tool – which is entirely free and will soon be available on the iOS and Android app/play store – then read on. Because as well as all of this, Qemistry has a specific student mode! When student mode is enabled, you’ll be able to match with other students from your university, and that’s regardless of where they are physically located.

So now that you are buzzing with excitement for Qemistry’s release date, the next question is what videos you should upload? We have a few suggestions, dependent on the vibe you want to give off.

The Laidback vibe

If you are looking for a likeminded, chilled out kinda partner, then maybe this is the choice for you. We suggest videos of aesthetic room layouts, OOTD shots, adventure or exploration videos (maybe you went on a ramble and recorded the journey once), or even just a video of a trusty Tik Tok lip-sync.

The Nerdy vibe

If you are passionate about all things D&D or Harry Potter, or something like that, and you want a partner to share your interests, then maybe some cosplay videos or memes about those topics would catch the Ginny to your Potter’s eye. And of course, pair them up with an always reliable comic con shot if you’ve got one!

The Partier vibe

We all know the partier, and the best kind of partner for a partier is another fellow partier. So if that’s you, we know you have a Snapchat memory full of night out videos in bathroom mirrors, shot competitions at house parties, and funny party trick shots from predrinks. So fill up your Qemistry account with those to let the lucky person know they’re in for a good time and a long time.

The Indie vibe

Arctic Monkeys record spinning slowly on the record player behind you, you ponder whether you will ever find a person with good enough music taste to date you. So maybe consider a video of your favourite set from Reading and Leeds, followed by an OOTD and some fun videos of you and your friends.

The Alternative vibe

Chains, and Doc Martens. That’s it, that’s all you need in your videos to find another Alt person. So just buckle up and buckle in, and maybe consider some Tik Tok dances, or party videos, gig videos, or maybe a video showing off your best eyeliner. Really, just anything that shows off your taste in music and fashion!

All jokes and stereotypes aside, the app is excellent. Especially during times like this, where human contact is limited, starting a relationship is suddenly even harder. So rather than meeting someone on an app based on a couple of photos, and then only realising three weeks and two FaceTime dates in that actually, their voice or the way they act is really not for you, this way you can establish that from the get-go. Meaning you can actually find someone who you really fancy the pants off.

You can now pre-register for one of their limited launch spots via the Qemistry website.

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