We love free entry bars and clubs in Nottingham (mainly because they’re free) but you do tend to see the same people over and over again.

‘Hey guy-I-once-sat-next-to-in-a-seminar, wanna do some shots, discuss all my problems at home and then awkwardly nod at each other next lecture without ever actually talking again?’

If that sounds all-too-familiar, we’ve got the perfect answer for you: the most exclusive clubs and bars in Nottingham.

To make it on to the list, the venues have to have some barrier to entry, whether that be recommendations, membership-only or just be secreted away.

The swingers’ club

exclusive bars nottingham purple mambaName: Purple Mamba
Address: Rear of 3, 5 Radcliffe Road, West Bridgeford, Nottingham NG2 5FF
Entrance cost: You have to be a member (so to speak) to enter this private swingers’ club. Standard membership costs £10, while VIP membership, costs £75 and will get you 50% discount on entry. Event ticket prices vary, but nights start from just £5.
About: The fact that cameras are completely banned (including your phone which you need to leave at the door) gives enticing hints at what happens behind the doors of the Purple Mamba. The swingers’ club is unashamedly for ‘liberated adults’ ready to explore their sexuality. Free condoms are handed out while guests are encouraged to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and sexy. Pleasingly, guests are also allowed to bring in their own alcohol, which could help us shake off those first-time nerves.

The secret club

exclusive bars nottingham boilermakerName: Boilermaker
Address: 36 Carlton Street, Nottingham, NG1 1NN
About: We’re not going to pretend that Boilermaker is a complete secret to the Nottingham natives — head there on a Saturday night and you’ll see queues of in-the-know locals waiting to get in. But for anyone heading to the city for the first time then it’s a great place to feel like you’re a member of the elite partying society. The entrance is the best hidden of any of Nottingham’s secret bars. From the outside, a passer-by would think that the club is a run-of-the-mill boiler showroom with very little to get excited about. But go through the doors and you’ll find a a classy cocktail bar serving elegant drinks.

The private members club

newdigate-house-nottingham-exclusive clubsName: The Nottingham Club
Address: Newdigate House, 62 Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 6AF
Entrance cost: Annual membership to the club will set you back £95 per year. However, it’s not as easy as knocking on that red door and handing over your cash. To be part of the gang you will need to be proposed and seconded by current members of the club. Your application will be stuck up on the club notice board and will then be sent for approval by the club’s directors. About: At nearly 100 years old, The Nottingham Club boasts a wealth of tradition and recalls the elegance of the private clubs of old. Members can enjoy a number of social events across the year or can just enjoy the magnificent facilities at the Grade II-listed Newdigate House.