steven bartlett net worth 2021

Steven Bartlett net worth 2021 and everything you need to know about him

Steven Bartlett, the youngest Dragon to ever join BBC’s Dragon’s Den, has taken us all by shock. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did he make his money? What can we expect from him on the show?

Steven Bartlett’s early life and start in business

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Born in Botswana and bought up in Plymouth, Steven has been interested in the world of business for a long time. As a young boy, Bartlett watched Dragon’s Den and found inspiration in the form of successful business leaders such as Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.

It’s this passion that led him to enrol in a business course at Manchester Metropolitan University. Whilst at university, he created a social media-assisted programme that connected students in the same city with common interests. The platform was called Wallpark and let students advertise events, sell things and communicate.

Eventually, Steven left university to focus on the platform. Through doing this, he met Dominic McGregor, a student from Edinburgh University. McGregor has a large Twitter following, which he grew by posting funny student memes and content.

Steven came up with the idea of using those platforms to connect brands with their audiences. He got in contact with McGregor, who promptly left university.

Where did he earn his big money? 

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Bartlett and McGregor went on to create a new agency. They set up Social Chain and Media Chain when Steven was merely 22. Since then, the company has grown to a team of more than 700 people, which works with brands as big as Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nokia and Superdry.

Media Chain is a digital publishing house, and it owns some of the world’s biggest media assets, reaching over 1.8 million people online each month! The company has firms in Manchester, London, Berlin, New York, Munich and Bangkok, and is valued at £300 million.

He then left the business in December 2020, and has since set up a private equity investment company called Catena Capital. Since setting the companies up, Steven has been named Great British Entrepreneur of the Year and Most Influential Agency Figure. He has also been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30.

On top of his work in the world of business, Steven has written a book titled: Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love, and Success. The book addresses happiness and the assumptions society has about it. If that wasn’t enough, he also heads a podcast entitled The Diary of a CEO. 

Personal life 

steven bartlett net worth 2021
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There’s not a whole lot out there about Steven’s personal life, but he has recently revealed that he is straight and single, after numerous fans asked about his sexuality online. Bartlett revealed that he’s just got a very hard work drive.

He spoke about his recent long-term relationship that lasted a year, and how he acted selfishly. He apparently would not interact with his partner during the day and was too focused on building his empire that the relationship suffered.

He has since revealed he is no longer single.

Steven’s net worth 

Steven’s net worth has been valued at £68 million. He has joined Dragons Den with hopes to inspire underrepresented viewers to consider a career in business or as an entrepreneur.

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