It is no secret that Cardiff University and Swansea University are rivals as two of the best universities in two of the biggest cities in Wales.

Welsh Varsity brings the rivalry to a head each year by hosting a number of sporting events between the two universities, with the rugby game being the centrepiece of the competition.

Whether or not Cardiff win Varsity, one thing is clearer than day: Cardiff is just the better university. Here are seven reasons why, in the fight of Cardiff University vs Swansea University, the capital will always win. 

Swansea or Cardiff? Why is Cardiff City better?

While both Swansea and Cardiff are celebrated cities in Wales, each boasting its own unique charm and history, there are several reasons why many favour Cardiff City.

Firstly, as the capital city of Wales, Cardiff possesses a rich cultural heritage and offers a plethora of attractions like the iconic Cardiff Castle, the Millennium Stadium, and the National Museum Cardiff.

But when it comes to studying in Cardiff, there are a number of reasons why students may prefer Cardiff over Swansea. So let’s see why, shall we?

1. The City

Let’s put aside the universities for a brief minute and focus on the cities that they’re in. To give credit where credit’s due, Swansea is a decent city with adequate nightlife and attractive views. However, it doesn’t come close to Cardiff which is just basically Swansea’s sexier, smarter and sassier sibling. With the Principality Stadium, the Castle and Bute Park, the buildings, shops and nightlife are just bigger, better and far more exciting. Swansea, eat your heart out.

swansea or cardiff
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2. Academic success

Let’s be real — Cardiff University generally has better academic success than Swansea and is commonly regarded as more prestigious. For a start, Cardiff is one of the 24 Russell Group Universities in the UK meaning it conducts the best research, gives the finest teaching and learning experience and has great links with public and business sectors. Furthermore, Cardiff is in the top five universities for research in the UK. Sorry, Swansea.

cardiff uni
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3. The University buildings

Granted, Swansea University has a swanky modern campus with some smart new buildings. However, it doesn’t beat Cardiff University’s array of stunning buildings including the Main Building, Bute Building and Glamorgan Building. Regal and beautiful, they just make going to lectures each day far more exciting.

cardiff uni campus swansea or cardiff
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4. SU Nights

Nothing can rival Juice or the Lash, even Swansea’s equivalent. The Cardiff University SU gets Hannah Wants, Andy C and Annie Mac, along with nights like Treatment and Cirque. Let’s not forget that the SU also has its own VK bar too so you can down the sickly orange passionfruit nectar to your heart’s delight. What do Swansea get?

swansea or cardiff
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5. Cathays vs ?

You’ve got to feel sorry for Swansea — they don’t have a Cathays. Holding a special place in many students’ hearts, Cathays is where most Cardiff University students live and is littered with pubs, takeaways and bin bags. Messy but pretty endearing, Cathays is a community and is just the place to be. It’s a mystery where the students of Swansea reside.

6. Sporting prowess

Swansea hate to admit it but Cardiff University just have the best sporting teams. Stronger, faster, better… they have everything the Swansea teams want but can’t quite have. It’s admittedly unfair that Cardiff University are dominant in both academia and sport, but hey, life isn’t fair.

cardiff uni hockey
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7. Fun

It’s way more FUN being a Cardiff University student than a Swansea one. There’s always something going on in the university, whether it’s filming an episode of Doctor Who and running into Peter Capaldi or getting your hands on the free food that the SU always seem to give out. There’s just never a dull moment.

film at cardiff uni
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